Blockchain Technology & Society


A holistic rethinking of Technological & Social Systems.

I believe in the thoughtful marriage of these worlds for our collective future.

I am a Systemic Global Political Economist.

I see the world as complex adaptive systems and interconnected flows, and believe in a future of self-organizing peoples.

I approach both life and work with the values of

Excellence, Integrity, and Radical Agency.

To me, there is nothing more rewarding than supporting and empowering people and communities to realize and manifest their ideas - a true means of unlocking potential to positively impact the world around them.


Lori Corpuz
Blockchain Venture Investment & Strategy

Lori consults in Blockchain Venture Development. She focuses on Security Token Offerings (STOs), blending her background in Venture, Banking, and Product. She lives in San Francisco, and is frequently traveling to Los Angeles, NYC, and beyond (London, Davos, Puerto Rico, Tokyo, etc.).

Functional Strategic Advisory

  • Market Strategy - Competitive Analysis

  • Venture Strategy - Competitive Advantage

  • Governance - Decentralized Governance

  • Investments - TokenEconomics, Purpose of Token/Blockchain

  • Tech - MarketPlaces/Exchanges, Architecture

  • Team - Founder/Advisor/Developer Buildout

Lori previously worked at DNA.Fund, in Venture & Investment Banking in Crypto Capital across the asian markets.

Lori's started in crypto through the passion project 4thBlock, a network developing circle's of trust for social impact Blockchain startups; it focused on gathering resources, capital, and a captive audience for their successful development. The various events incorporate ingredients across venture financing, social impact, and harnessing the potential of local talent.

Lori's professional career began in strategic financial technology for the largest US bank by Assets (JPMorgan) and organizing innovation conferences locally and internationally (TEDx). She has given talks locally and internationally on innovation, and writes on such topics, currently focusing on the Blockchain and cryptocurrency space. She builds on her background of technological development and community building to grow her discipline from technology development to venture development focused around technology.

Lori earned a bachelor of science degree in management engineering and minored in international relations from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

She is part of these global social impact networks:


TEDx community, a global community to organize licensed TED conferences at the local level

Global_Shapers_Logo.svg (1).png

Global Shapers, a youth global community funded and supported by the World Economic Forum.